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Concrete South reflects the changing community of the south bank of the Thames River, that runs half a mile (800 m) south-east of Charing Cross and bounded by Westminster Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge. In the short montage, we see couples, tourists, strollers and passer-bys next to the recently renovated Southbank Centre, in view is the British Film Institute, National Theatre, restaurants, skate park and an architecturally brutalist bridge that shadows the many retrospectives and new releases that play at the BFI. After a long battle between the community and developers the skate park remains and is currently used by local young people. I question whether the area is loosing its ethnic and class mix? This short piece, which falls part of a bigger project titled Regent's & Vicky, can be used to start a conversation to either dispute or agree with such ideas.

Dionne Walker, filmmaker, photographer, producer, curator, cultural activist using film, cinema, documentaries to interrupt, disturb and create change in the world. I'm African, Caribbean, Black, Woman, Other so I'm seeking to level the playing field for the likes of me, and all those who are categorised as Others...those marginalised or who are on the periphery. more...

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