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Inmates at a local jail are accepted into a second change program to complete the rest of their sentence. A part of their deal is to rebuild a historical prominent skating rink in the city and pay it forward to the next generation of troubled young adults.

Reeyana Sehgeh
Atlanta, GA, USA
Background in mass media arts with a concentration in television and film production. I have directed and edited short films relating to the many different experiences of black and brown people globally. Creating films with the intention of diversifying storylines and seeking liberation within art. I love writing but looking into screenwriting, fairly new to that world but looking to see how I can adapt and grow within that storytelling aspect. Currently a music video editor for a production company responsible for creating visuals for many of today's ​biggest artist. Love production, have worked as a​​n​ A.D., Grip a​​nd Gaffer.

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