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“Co//ab has been a remarkable resource to connect with Sundance. I’ve enjoyed my experience so much that I submitted an application to the 12-week Screenwriting Intensive to help me develop my next feature script.”

Richard Heredia-Arriaga

Mentoring session with Ligiah Villalobos

“I'm so inspired to keep working hard and to keep creating!!! Speaking with someone who is out there doing it and making magic happen was just inspiring to say the least!!! I am so grateful to have met him!!!”

Susane Lee

One-on-one session with Todd Louiso, post-Sundance Challenge: Who Owns the Yellow Truck?

“Sundance Collab has been such an inspirational tool for me. I have procrastinated for years on finishing scripts. Now, thanks to the Sundance Collab, I'm writing everyday and moving forward on so many untapped ideas. Thanks Sundance Collab community!!”

Amy Jennings

12-week screenwriting intensive

“The session was great and the feedback was priceless. Some of the most useful and specific feedback we've gotten so far! A super helpful experience that I'll definitely look into doing again on future projects.”

Noam Argov

Mentoring session with Helen Hood Scheer

“I got my short film screenplay reviewed by Marielle Heller for free! She was the alumni of the week and gave me 2 pages of an invaluable review! Thank you Sundance Co//ab.”

Fred O. Dery

Mentoring session with Jason Berman