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This is a rough draft from scenes within my "Anxious" feature script. IIt's based on a series of incidents that I witnessed within the first 3 years of mentoring kids ages 6- 18.

Anxious is a thriller involving Dara, a foster teen initially self diagnosed with ADHD, who witnesses a dramatic automobile accident in which the driver vanishes without a trace.

Currently, I'm in pre-production for my thriller "SOULed Out". The script is showcased on Sundance Collab. Casting in Houston this Sunday. Screening of the 1st cut will appear in a showcase on August 18, 2019.

I'm also in pre-prod for my documentary segment which will accompany a season 2 episode of the UMC TV series "5th Ward" by Greg Carter.

Tieuel Legacy
Houston, TX, USA
One of the only filmmakers that you will meet with an actuarial background. I love documentary filmmaking. Also love to write thrillers.

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