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In this family, opposites attract and repel. During Christmas, Alison (daughter) and Robert (father) try to keep their family together while Joslyn (mother) and Caroline (daughter) passive aggressively duke it out. As we progress through the season, we see how this small family unit uses one another to their own personal advantage while also trying to remain together.

This is a first draft and first go at a pilot idea. I usually write features, so this was a challenge for me to see if this would be a sustainable story. This is also a first attempt at dramaty. Any feedback on if humor comes through and is easy to identify with would be helpful.

Alison Wroblewski
Floyd, VA 24091, USA
Alison graduated from UT Austin with a focus in producing and screenwriting. She moved to London for a couple years and produced a short film (It's Not Custard playing SXSW 2019) and worked on two feature films before moving back to the states. She now lives in rural Virginia and writes with a desire to write professionally.

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