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LOGLINE: After her husband’s suicide, a woman reclaims her life through comedy.

Standing In Water is a first draft that I would love to see developed as an episodic series and my fourth screenplay/teleplay project...It is a reflection on and a creative response to being widowed just shy of my 50th birthday and raising my teenage son as a suddenly-single mom. My son and I had very different and often conflicting grieving styles, but came together every evening to watch Star Trek Voyager re-runs. Captain Kathryn Janeway, along with Sir Ernest Shackleton, were my guides for how to navigate the uncharted area that I had to get us through intact and how to be, metaphorically, the captain of our familia ship. If Captain Kate could make it out of the Delta Quadrant and back to Earth, and Sir Ernest could survive Antarctica and not lose one crew member, my son and I could survive our challenges, as well. After years of therapy, the last piece of my healing puzzle was found in humor and stand up—I needed to poke fun at death and laugh at the absurdity of it all. It is a story of surviving personal tragedy with love, laughter and, oh yeah, driving at warp speed.

My Standing In Water submission is a first draft and any suggestions and feedback is really appreciated. Thank you!

I'm a fairly new writer and a professional visual artist. My work, regardless of form, is rooted in making connections and layering experiences. Successfully telling a story that compels and communicates to others is what I'm working toward. Life is crazy, often unfair, unkind and unapologetic and that's why empathy and laughter are essential in my life and creative work. more...

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