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The final pages of a feature screenplay about a man and his mother who fight against the decision for the British people to move to underground cities. The sun has been getting hotter but the evidence that it's irreversible is poor and the media spins every new development to heighten the drama. At first, no one agrees with what to do. Marie, a scientific minded politician, wants to focus the countries budget on improving climate change, not giving up. Her son, Evan, works for her party and follows her teachings to a T.
But slowly the country starts to believe it's past the point of no return. Over time the cities start to be built underground. By the end of the script, years have passed and people are moving down there. Marie is still unconvinced but Evan has a crisis after seeing his wife and children leave. His eyes were opened to what has happened; he and his mother have had such tunnel vision that they refused to even consider listening to anyone outside of their world. He looks into how he has been absorbing information and realises it's all biased to his beliefs. Anything that doesn't follow it, they ignore. But now he is ready to face his mother and change the way he thinks.

Simon Frederick

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