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A female director and filmmaker, Inanna, who also is a former Harvard psychologist, holistic healer, shaman, disenchanted relationship counselor and open relationship artist, decides to create her own film studio in the mountains of California and hire the world’s leading male actors to re-write famous films they acted in to consecrate endings that only explore “The Power of Love,” not hate or any other ending.

As Inanna struggles to raise funds and find a property to explore the potential of her “Power of Love Project,” she gets the bright idea to enter her documentary short about “Shamanism and the Power of Love” into the Sundance Institute Film Festival where her aim is to seeks out Robert Redford to share her “Power of Love” Project and studio idea.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
I am a longtime graduate of Hunter College. I majored in Philosophy and minored in Multidisciplinary Arts. Having had the opportunity to befriend and work with many multi-talented NYC artists who traveled from all over the world, and pioneered as successful anomalies in the areas of drawing, music, poetry, fiction writing, painting, sculpture, filmmaking, theatre, documentary filmmaking, screenplay writing, photography, performance art, and dance, gave me solace as to how fantastic and uniquely creative us humans can actually be. As an advocate for environmental protection ,climate change activism, human rights, human evolution, science, gender equality, peaceful triple-win global relations, ethical diplomacy, and the United Nations Sustainability Goals, I hope to make impactful contributions in these areas through film. I also hope to enjoy more fully exploring my background, lineage. histories and stories as a Chinese-American and Phillipino-American writer and filmmaker by offer greater authenticity, voice, and representation to an under-represented people’s and culture. more...

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