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Not the News is a horror-comedy film. What should’ve been an ordinary Friday night pick-up of Mandy’s husband’s children is instead a hazardous obstacle course of zombies. Legal synthetic recreational drug MethSalts has been recalled and side effects include alternating bouts of violence and catatonia – i.e. users have become zombified. This turns out to include most of the population.
Mandy has established her parents’ home in Santa Barbara as a safe zone and all family members are to meet there, but they cannot get ahold of anyone, and the assumption is that the other kids and their mother and father, Mandy’s husband, were MethSalts users. For the first time Mandy is truly responsible for her stepdaughter and she must safely transport them out of Los Angeles and to the Santa Barbara safehouse, where Chinese food is waiting – apparently delivery is available even during the zombie apocalypse.
Photo is "Eastern Afternoon" by Mr Michael Phams, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (Flickr).

Tara Grover Smith
Chico, CA, USA
I’m pursuing a career as a feature film and TV screenwriter. Ever since I was a winner of a one-act play contest and saw actors saying my words, I was hooked! Since then, a writing partner and I had a TV pilot optioned and I am currently completing writing a short and a feature.

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