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Four middle-aged, African American siblings reluctantly agree to take turns to be the caregiver for their 80 year old mother. Three months of each year, each sibling tends to their mother, Hattie, at their respective homes, then hands her off. While Hattie is sharp and has her wits, she hobbles on a cane, and is no longer physically or financially able to stay afloat on her own once the family home and neighborhood is in ruin.

Soon we learn that each sibling has their own issues and is in no way the solution for managing an ailing parent. Though they love their mother, Hattie is the classic “unwanted child.” As the children deal with their own personal crisis’ we see the dueling crippling dynamic between the siblings, tricky mother and child hangups , a complex family history, and guilt with the realization that the children can never “parent” their mother as well as she parented them.

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