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This context sets out my reasons for wishing to change the ending- Imitation of Life (1959) was released in the past analogue world when we would watch movies of such stature first in the theatre, then again and again live and direct on the TV box at home. The end of Imitation Of Life where we see Sarah Jane (Susan Kohner) asking her dead mother for forgiveness needs a facelift . Though Sirk's version is progressive as it shines a light on gender, race and class we are short changed in the 21c and have to convert those old bank notes into bitcoins that resonates with many and all. While Annie's (Juanita Moore) passing was perhaps inevitable because of her age in the story, an ending which shows Sarah Jane with agency will be more instructive and satisfying. For a modern take I would review both Sarah Jane & Annie character arcs. In terms of casting it would be politically prudent to cast a mixed race or light skin Sarah Jane of African heritage. For the purpose of this challenge where I'm rewriting the final scene and we follow Sarah Jane, her character should take charge towards the end, where we see her either seek forgiveness just before her mother dies OR we see her help out with the funeral arrangements- see attached for final scene.

Dionne Walker, filmmaker, photographer, producer, curator, cultural activist using film, cinema, documentaries to interrupt, disturb and create change in the world. I'm African, Caribbean, Black, Woman, Other so I'm seeking to level the playing field for the likes of me, and all those who are categorised as Others...those marginalised or who are on the periphery. more...

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