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Dive back into Steven Spielberg's nightmare tale of Extraterrestrial Invasion with this Alternate Ending. This revision picks up as Ray (Tom Cruise) heroically takes down a tripod robot with a belt of grenades.

Now Ray and his daughter, Rachel, must journey to Boston to find Rachel's mother, however, this time they do not discover the Aliens dying like in the 2005 original. Instead they attempt to reunite with their family under more harrowing circumstances.

Andrew is a writer/filmmaker from Maplewood, New Jersey. He graduated from the American Film Institute with an MFA in film editing, where he studied under an amazing faculty of instructors and industry professionals. He has worked professionally as a brand copywriter and editor for All Def Media, a former new media startup backed by controversial Hip-Hop legend Russell SImmons. He helped create hundreds of videos there focusing on Hip-Hop music and culturally inclusive content. Recently Andrew produced a series of videos for 3D Printing and Architecture firm AI Spacefactory chronicling their journey at the 2019 NASA 3D Printed Habitat challenge. It was this experience that reignited his passion for Science Fiction and imaging the possibilities of tomorrow today. more...

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