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Genre: Drama

Working Logline: Two women, a widow and a sexual assault victim, connected by the horrific acts of one man grapple with what he's done, face blame and punishment from the community and each other.

Note on Submission: I've been interested in telling the story of​ two female characters who are essentially victims but face blame for the actions of one man. I am interested in how society blames sexual assault victims and the wives of men who've committed suicide. I am also interested in how these women blame themselves and each other instead of the person responsible. When I saw this prompt, I was inspired to create a scene within this space. Since writing this scene, I have created a beat sheet for the rest of the film and am working on an outline.
I envision this being the last scene in the film after the two women have been at the center of a public trial, shunned by their community, fighting one another and ultimately destroying their lives. For the sake of the submission, I have introduced these characters and this location as if it were the first time in the script.

About me: I am a screenwriter and aspiring television writer from San Francisco, currently living in Los Angeles. I have a background in theatre, sketch comedy, short films and features. I look forward to any feedback and comments for my work in progress. Thank you so much for reading!

Amanda Blanchard
Glendale, CA, USA
I am a screenwriter and aspiring television writer currently working as a Writers' Room PA for Chucky - Season 1. I have a background in theatre, sketch comedy, feature screenwriting, ​and making independent short films. My goal is to become a staff writer on a television show. Writing alone can be amazing, but being in a room collaborating is even better!

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