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While on the beach partying with friends, Sierra McCarthy has a bad hallucinogenic trip experimenting with an addictive drug and it’s nearly fatal. The next morning, she makes a decision to turn her life around and decides the best way to do this is to somehow get away from her dysfunctional parent’s home. Sierra’s self-absorbed parents are adrift in the messes they’ve made of their personal lives and are in denial of the severity of their daughter’s developing bad habits. Her pot-smoking socialite mother has one affair after another, and her deeply depressed insecure father hates his life. Especially after making a really terrible decision about a large sum of money recovered at a drug bust, and then finding out about his wife’s latest affair. When her aunt Kate comes for a short visit, Sierra is convinced that the solution is to run away to live with her aunt in California. To do this, Sierra comes up with a half-cocked plan on how to get there, and she buys a Greyhound Bus ticket with all the money she has which is just enough to get to Albuquerque. She figures she can hitch a ride the rest of the way.

On the way to Albuquerque, while peering out the window of the Greyhound bus Sierra can’t help but notice a truck that’s parked on the side of the road, especially when the driver climbs out of the cab wearing a colorful turban. Oddly enough, these two end up in the same parking lot in Albuquerque where Sierra has run out of money, and is being harassed by an annoying dim witted drug dealer. When the drug dealer follows Sierra into a gas station parking lot and gets out of his car to look for her, she slips away unnoticed, but not without taking his large stash of pot which was sticking out from underneath a jacket in his passenger seat. Sierra climbs into Anwar’s truck cab to hide from him, completely unaware that she’s in the same truck she noticed earlier on the side of the road. This leads to an unexpected pursuit of both of them by the drug dealer across New Mexico and Arizona. Although Anwar assumes he’s helping Sierra escape from a sexual predator because he happened to notice she was being followed in the parking lot. He doesn’t know anything about the bag of pot, or Sierra’s little nasty drug habit. The two end up in more than a few situations involving the drug dealer, and the real reason for the pursuit unfolds in a surprising way. Sierra’s parents decide to keep the whole thing quiet and go out to look for her themselves, but they are without any idea of where to begin. Of course, they head out in the wrong direction and this comical disconnect leads to their personal discoveries of how truly unhappy they both are in their marriage.

*I'd prefer the film have a satisfying ending where Sierra's parent's and aunt Kate decide she can stay in California for a year as a trial period. And finally, Anwar delivers the valuable car he’s been hauling to Sierra's grandfather Franklin, in perfect condition.

I'm a college writing instructor & English teacher who's working on a career in writing as well. Currently, I'm working on a documentary film project, and I've written a screenplay called, "Tripping Sierra." I'm really enjoying this work. I find it very rewarding. I also feel very grateful for the ability to collaborate with professionals on this website. Thanks so much for the opportunity! more...

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