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Hello! This is a first draft of a screenplay I wrote earlier this year. The logline is:
"An infamous reality court TV show Judge is forced to represent herself when she's put on trial for the murder of her elderly neighbour. "

I'm about to start work on a second draft, and the tips provided in the Ask Sundance section are amazing (especially splitting out the character arcs!) - however, I've never done a rewrite before, so any extra tips would be much appreciated!

Appreciate this is a full-length, so even any feedback on just the first 5-10 pages would be incredible. Thank you so much to anyone who gives it a look :)

Newbury, UK
One half of an identical twin filmmaking duo, learning as we go. In love with all things storytelling. (Somehow) Part of BFI Network x BAFTA Crew 19-20. more...

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