Veteran ​Showrunners ​discuss the changing landscape of TV and how indie has a unique space in this expanding medium​
Key Insights

  • Indie TV is an art form, a proof of concept, and it's often creatives working for no money outside of the traditional system
  • Indie episodic comprises many forms: mobile, television, streaming platforms, apps, new technology. Consider how your work is best experienced.
  • Episodic creators are not beholden to traditional broadcast formats. Funding can come from anywhere; find the new buyers.
  • Rely on cultural hooks – or even gimmicks – to break through the crowded entertainment market.
  • There are niches for everything. Partner with creators who have already penetrated your niche audience.

Writer, Director, Producer
Steven Soderbergh is a writer, director, producer, cinematographer, and editor. He lives in New York. more...
Stephanie Allain founded Homegrown Pictures in 2003 to produce content by writer/directors with unique voices. more...
Storyteller, Creator, Showrunner
Bernie Su is a two-time Primetime Emmy award-winning interactive storyteller, creator, and showrunner. more...
Director, Writer, Actor
David Wain began his career as a member of the sketch comedy group The State. He went on to co-write and direct movies such as WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER, ROLE MODELS, WANDERLUST, and THEY CAME TOGETHER. more...

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