Master ​S​creenwriter Scott Frank shares ​his ​best practices on the ​art and ​craft of ​screen​writing​ ​that he ​learned throughout his prolific career​.​
Key Insights

  • When writing in a specific genre: Embrace the style and form, search for a new spin on an old trope, add another value to the cliché
  • Find and develop familiarities and details within the world you are building.
  • Don't be too precious or overprotective when adapting material. Decide what you want the story to be and how the audience connects to its characters. 
  • Focus on writing complicated characters with an inner life– know their wants, needs, and fears. 
  • Be brave and authentic; don’t be afraid to express your truth.

Scott Frank’s screenplays include LITTLE MAN TATE, DEAD AGAIN, MALICE, HEAVEN'S PRISONERS, GET SHORTY, OUT OF SIGHT, MINORITY REPORT, THE INTERPRETER, THE LOOKOUT (also directed), MARLEY & ME, THE WOLVERINE, WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES (also directed), LOGAN, and the Netflix limited-series, GODLESS (also directed). more...

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