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Early last year, I attended an “Emily Talk” where Tom, a father and paramedic, Tina, a mother and labor/delivery nurse, and Emily, a strong-willed and loving daughter who was born with Down syndrome 25 years ago, taught an audience of 100+ people how to communicate effectively with individuals with Down syndrome, autism, and other disabilities. I told them about my personal experience with disability and asked if they’d let me make a film about their story, and the rest is history. I chose to tell this story because more folks need to be exposed to stories like the Felter's!

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Through video production, editing, and documentary filmmaking, I amplify the human experience by drawing out people's authentic, diverse stories. ​ While Midwestern through-and-through, I have worked with clients and told stories from across the country and in the United Kingdom and Palestine. I am a Nikon Storytellers Scholar, a selected participant in Adobe's Creator Camp, and a proud recipient of the Best International Director award at the Georgia Documentary Film Festival for my short documentary Forever A Champion. I use my experience with non-visible disabilities, including OCD and ADHD, to pursue my work with creativity, empathy, and curiosity. Because of these disabilities, I'm skilled at divergent thinking, attention to detail, and identifying the value in people. I'm committed to challenging stigma by proving that people with disabilities like mine are reliable, talented, and effective collaborators. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media from Valparaiso University and I participate in numerous professional organizations such as FWD-Doc, D-Word, Women in Media, International Documentary Association, and more. I am eager to bring value to meaningful storytelling pursuits through my technical and interpersonal skills. more...

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