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Early last year, I attended an “Emily Talk” where Tom, a father and paramedic, Tina, a mother and labor/delivery nurse, and Emily, a strong-willed and loving daughter who was born with Down syndrome 25 years ago, taught an audience of 100+ people how to communicate effectively with individuals with Down syndrome, autism, and other disabilities. I told them about my personal experience with disability and asked if they’d let me make a film about their story, and the rest is history. I chose to tell this story because more folks need to be exposed to stories like the Felter's!

Los Angeles, CA, USA
I am a passionate freelance editor who never turns down a challenge. It all started with a Minecraft commentary YouTube channel I ran when I was 14 and, from there, I learned how to produce and edit all kinds of content including documentary and narrative films, commercial videos, promotional videos, educational content, compilations, fundraising campaign videos, ​social media videos, and more. There's no project, no subject matter, no objective I shy away from. Shoot me an email to discuss how I can best use my skills to realize your goals. Along with freelance video editing, I direct, produce, shoot, and edit documentary films about topics like mental health, gender and sexuality, disability, and other often-misunderstood subjects. My goal is to build people up by helping them feel heard. I focus on telling the stories of marginalized voices, and my aim is to foster empathy for those who are different from ourselves. I always end up learning something about myself by pursuing these stories. Let's talk! carmenvincentfilms@gmail.com more...

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