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Submission to Easterseals Disability Film Challenge 2021. I am severely hard of hearing. My right ear blew out twenty years ago. The specialists at the University of Florida Medical School said it was a birth defect and bound to happen. I have approximately 60% hearing in the one remaining ear. There are thirty to thirty-seven million people in the U.S. with hearing problems (hoh and deaf). Half of returning Veterans experience hearing loss. No one tells our story or addresses hard of hearing except for the deaf and they are often treated as second citizens with low-paying jobs.

Tallahassee, FL, USA
I received three Best Screenplay awards for the short screenplay Scabs at three different film festivals. Past two years: awarded Best Feature Screenplay at the Irvine International Film Festival last year for historical drama, Picnik. Most recently, Best Screenplay award for my feature, the JoJo Mama and the Voodoo Queen at the May 2022 Austin Comedy Film Festival and the Silver Award for first time animation screenplay writer at the December 2022 Los Angeles Animation Festival. Produced/directed five minute segment of JoJo Mama and the Voodoo Queen (www.voodooqueen.info). Scabs the feature version was recently selected as a Top Finalist at the Richmond International Film Festival. BA (Journalism), MA (Communication) and MBA. Participated in workshops/Master Classes with Joseph Chaikin, Steve Dietz, Roland Tec, Andrea Lepcio, Collab TV Writer’s Class and Philip Eisner. Please visit for more information www.leekitchenwriter.com. more...

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