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"An abusive relationship ends when you finally wake up and see what’s going on." Lead actress, Ellie Condello, once explained to me, "Your partner is an unfamiliar person. They're unrecognizable." Making this film, we asked: How can you tell if your relationship is healthy while you’re in it? Is there a right way to love someone? How do our fears mutate love into something dangerous?
Swallow attempts to answer these questions by exploring one woman’s awakening, perseverance, and survival and how her partner's possessive love, caretaking, and fear of abandonment drive him to become her greatest threat.

Aaron Bryce is a multi-hyphenate artist with fifteen years of experience acting, writing, directing, and more for the stage and screen. Aaron is a top graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts (BFA Theatre Performance, Dual Minor in Film Production and Cinema Studies, 2022), an alumnus of The Classical Studio (2021), Playwrights Horizons Theatre School (2019), the Denver Center for the Performing Arts (2018), and The Denver Film Society's Young Filmmakers Workshop (2018). In his work, Aaron uses his unique expertise and training as an actor, director, and writer to deconstruct and create stories and characters. Aaron dedicates his life to communicating with collaborators and audiences to uncover and understand the greater humanity that lies within to create parallels between the most disparate individuals. more...

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