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Sasha, the younger daughter living in the Canadian countryside, welcomes her family to her home after they have recently escaped Ukraine after the outbreak of war. The tension between her family members gradually builds until things reach breaking point.

Present stage of this work: Nearly final version

Anastasia Itkina is a Jewish-Ukrainian writer, producer and sometimes director currently based in Vancouver, BC. Her perspective is informed by elements of Western discourse on the social histories of art, feminism, and post-soviet colonialism. She is interested in the themes of the oppressive state and the extent to which our identities have been shaped by the anxieties that have emerged from post-Soviet cultural trauma. She is currently in the post-production stage of her 2nd short film titled On The Line, which tells a story of a Ukranian refugee working at a French restaurant in Montreal. Her debut short film Hiraeth has premiered at the Oscar-qualifying Festival du Nouveau Cinema and was nominated for Scythian Deer award at Molodist Kyiv IFF. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in film production she has been working as a producer on various short format films that have received recognition at NFFTY, Whistler FF, Reelworld and other film festivals. She is currently in development of her next short film Pine Rosin. more...

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