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I graduated with a BA in theatre arts from Sonoma State University with an emphasis in acting. I was a stage actress for 15 years then transitioned over to Hollywood with 15 films and television roles credited. I have produced several short films, an episodic, 2 PSA’s and one feature. Received a Silver Telly Award for one of the PSA’s produced 2 years ago for Women in Film. I started writing five years ago to give myself access to more roles that I wanted to play and fell in love with creating. The two short films I have written with my co-creator, Diq Diamond, A Home Called Hunger and The Bunker, were produced. And I was nominated for Best writer at the Idyllwild Film Festival in 2017 for The Bunker.

Currently, I have one feature finished and on its third draft, The Legend of Milky, a female based western. I currently am a student of the UCLA screenwriting program where I am working on a biopic script about my grandmother and her involvement with Al Capone. I have a screenplay I am writing with my co-creator, Diq Diamond, in hopes to film at a cabin we have been gifted with for two weeks this summer. I have several short films written in first draft format and 2 other features that are about half way complete. I am hoping to gain some knowledge through this Sundance program and receive the valuable feedback I am in need of to move my scripts forward.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Amy Jennings is an actress, writer and producer with over 25 years in the entertainment industry. She started on stage performing and producing theatre all over the world. As an on screen actress she has stared in over 15 films, television and web series. As a producer she has worked on several web series, features, shorts and PSA’s. In 2017, she was nominated for “Best Writer and Producer” and “Best Actress” for the short The Bunker at the Idyllwild Film Festival. Amy produced a PSA for Women In Film which won a Silver Telly and an Aurora award. As a writer she has several scripts in various stages of the development. She is currently shopping a female driven western about a gun slinging madame on a mission for revenge, The Legend of Milky. Amy is also the sole owner of The Cool Club, an art based enrichment program in the Agoura Hills area specializing in bringing all mediums of art, including film making, to children ages 5-16. more...

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