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A batshit crazy virologist seeks redemption (and dog food) in a violent post-pandemic world.

This was my first script after the one that got me a bunch of meetings, repped, and into the Sundance family. I was freaking out, so sat down and banged this out ex-nihilo. No prep, and the only rule was "as much swearing as possible." Love to hear your thoughts.

Waxhaw, NC 28173, USA
Grew up barefoot in the Amazon basin. Paid for college by hand-planting half a million trees in northern Canada. Then married-procreated-divorced-remarried, which provided enough agony & ecstasy to kick-start an obsession with screenwriting. Produced some stuff because I had to. Nicholl-finalisted in 2016 (and won some other contests), but still grasping after the full-time-artist golden apple. more...

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