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While going on a weekend road trip with friends, a lonely teenage girl has visions of a dark, grisly monster, which start to become all too unnerving as the trip progresses.

Weston, FL, USA
I'm an award-winning 20-year-old filmmaker, screenwriter, and animator. Born in São Paulo, Brazil, and raised mostly in South Florida, I've been producing skits, animations, and videos since the age of seven. My debut short film, 'Parkland: Stories from the Survivors', was screened at four film festivals nationwide. My second short, "Silhouette", was screened at over seven festivals across North America, winning the Best Student Film award at the Miami Short Film Festival. I'm gripped by a deep, introspective style of filmmaking, exploring psychological themes, such as loneliness and alienation through a naturalistic lens. My biggest goal in life is to make feature films, and I will not rest until I've reached my goal. more...

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