Advisor Kasi Lemmons discusses her writing process with mentee Christopher Grant at the 2018 Screenwriters Lab.
Key Insights

  • In writing there are no mistakes, only​ interesting​ experiments.
  • Rew​riting is a nonlinear process; don’t be afraid to make changes. Your ​story will remain your story.
  • Inspiration can come from anywhere - ​my stories start with characters 
  • When getting feedback on your script, ​listen for the note behind the note​ to find out if your intentions for the story are coming through.
  • Address ​script ​problems ​during the writing process - they will not go away in production or in the edit. 
  • You only have one opportunity for a first impression - don't ​send out ​your script ​until ​it's your best version. 
  • A good mentor will expand your​ ​understanding​ of your work, your ability with craft,​ and will ​open doors for you or point you towards the door​.

Actress, Director, Writer
Kasi Lemmons is an actress, writer and director who has appeared in such films as Jonathan Demme’s SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, John Woo's HARD TARGET, Rusty Cundieff's FEAR OF A BLACK HAT, and Spike Lee’s SCHOOL DAZE. Lemmons’ first feature as a writer-director, EVE'S BAYOU, became the highest grossing independent film of 1997, receiving the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature and seven NAACP Image Award nominations, including Best Picture. more...
Christopher Grant is an African-American filmmaker based in New York City. His short film work has won numerous festival awards including screenings in the Showtime Black Filmmaker’s Showcase, the Clark Atlanta Festival, and the Mill Valley Film Festival. more...

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