Writers from the 2018 S​c​reenwriters Lab share their insights on the screenwriting process, including going from shorts to features​.​
Key Insights

  • A short film is a great way to discover your style.
  • Focus on character. The story will evolve from the journeys of your characters.
  • Inspiration is the clarity that arrives after a long process, not a light bulb that goes off in your head.
  • It’s important to understand how your script is being received to make sure you’re properly communicating your ideas. 
  • Watch shorts to discover creative collaborators (e.g. DPs, editors, production designers); reach out to the ones who inspire you.
  • Listen carefully to feedback, but ultimately your script should evoke the feelings you intend to convey.  

Eimi Imanishi is a Japanese American filmmaker who grew up in France. She earned her BFA from the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, where she majored in sculpture. more...
Suzanne Andrews Correa is a Mexican American screenwriter and director. A recent graduate of the Film Program at Columbia University (MFA), she has worked in the industry for almost a decade as a member of IATSE. more...
Born in Greece, Christos Massalas is a graduate of the London Film School. His short films have received awards from around the world and have screened at international film festivals including Cannes, New Directors/New Films, Locarno, AFI Fest, Guanajuato and BFI, among others. more...

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