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Rockstar is about tapping into one's inner animal, one's unapologetic rockstar. As women, we are often told to dim our light for others to feel more comfortable. In collaboration with musician Ambria Elan, we wanted to tell the story of a rebirth of one's self-assurance and confidence. Rockstar is a call for women and non-binary individuals to do their own thing, regardless of external validation or acceptance. I wanted to reject any "cuteness" that society imposes on women from an early age. It's a reminder that we are here to please nobody but ourselves.

Writer, Director & Editor Born in Los Angeles & raised in Singapore, Ana Chavez is a Chicana-Slovenian filmmaker and super 8 video artist based in Northeast LA. Ana received her BA in Film & Media Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Throughout college, she edited several shorts, including documentaries & music videos. After taking a pilot-writing course her junior year, she fell in love with screenwriting. Her comedy Her and I won the Santa Barbara Film Festival’s 10-10-10 Competition for Best Filmmaking & Best Screenplay (2021) and was selected for numerous film festivals. The short was also nominated for Best Comedy and Best Actress at the Official Latino Film Festival (2022). Her short narrative directorial debut, Gooms, is currently running its festival circuit. Ana writes gritty and messy coming-of-age stories about women. Her cross-cultural background also informs her writing, as she aims to understand her feelings of in-betweenness. When she’s not writing her latest short Blush, Ana spends time shooting and editing short Super 8 video diaries about various underground communities in Los Angeles. Her most recent Super 8 short followed drag legend Kevin Aviance, as he judged the ninth anniversary of LA’s biggest ballroom event, Banjee Ball. more...

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