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When Andy—a 10-year-old boy—tries to wake up his drunk mother with the help of his papa over the phone, he discovers a heartbreaking truth. The story was inspired by my childhood memories. I grew up in a family that all of my family members have very unique tempers and personalities. I created an imaginary friend, a supportive figure, with whom I would confide when faced with challenges. As I grew older, I gained a deeper understanding of my own life and no longer needed those coping mechanisms, but I still reminisce about that time.

Ann Anlan Tao is a director, writer and editor originally from Hangzhou, China. She graduated from The Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, China, with a major in Theater Directing. Currently, she is a graduate student majoring in Film Production at the University of Southern California. Ann grows up in a family with contrasting beliefs and temperaments, Ann's curiosity was sparked, leading her to write poems and direct short radio plays, which motivated her to pursue filmmaking later on. Ann worked in the industry as a development intern at Huayi Brother Media Company, Phenix Pictures and worked with Sony Pictures as 1st Assistant Director. Ann loves to tell stories centered around children, animals, women, and elderly people. She strives to combine technologies, including VFX, Virtual Production, and AI Tech, to convey universal emotions and conflicts using visual and auditory elements, aiming to resonate with audiences. more...

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