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A werewolf in college goes to a house party on the night of the full moon to confess her feelings to her crush. When I started writing Moonrise I realized I was creating an allegory for my own experiences as a young trans person, where I felt like I had to hide my identity to be likeable and ended up pushing away the people that accepted me the most. I have always worked though my traumas with comedy, and feel that queerness is an avenue of humor that has not yet been fully explored. Thus: the gay college werewolf house party movie was born.

Beo Lerman is an award winning writer and director, and a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, with a bachelor's in Radio-Television-Film. Their work focuses on the inner lives of women and queer people, most often through a comedic lens. They enjoy campy monster movies and love colorful lighting. Beo's films have been shown in festivals across the US, and they are currently writing their first feature. more...

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