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"A young filmmaker encounters someone seemingly superior and redoubles efforts for His dream. However, feeling a sense of relative deprivation, He choose to end his own life. The consciousness culminates into a completed film, repeating unfinished records in meaningless space."

Jonghoon Ahn
Jonghoon Ahn New Media Artist & Film Director MFA in Art and Technology from California Institute of the Arts [Calarts] BFA in Entertainment Design from Kookmin University in South Korea [KMU] Jonghoon is an New Media artist and Film Director born in South Korea and now he is based in Los Angeles He is media artist who likes to combine computer science and media art. His works utilize AI and XR to create a platform where the audience can participate in the artwork. He is also interested in experimental art in any medium such as films and exhibitions. Andrei Tarkovsky's "Film is the Sculpting of Time" quote made him realize that cinematographys are time art. But He want to show that Films can be the art of space as well as time.

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