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As a member of the martial arts and filmmaking communities, I am part of a 20% minority of women participants. "Lions' Den" reflects the feeling of often times being the only female in both of these places. I sometimes feel like I am surrounded by lions. I can feel lost, intimidated, frustrated, and out of place. But nothing in the world feels as good as being on set or in the gym. It is within these communities that I have made unlikely friendships, challenged myself with the help of others, and proven that I can achieve anything I wish.

Atlanta, GA, USA
I grew up in Western Maryland - Hagerstown, to be precise. I spent my childhood traipsing around the neighborhood, exploring construction sites, running through fields at midnight and using walnuts as currency to buy feathers the other kids found in their backyard. My grandmother Carmelita's camcorder became a tool for the stories my friends and I made up, whether it was Hogwarts Student Access or stop-motion with my dolls. In Catholic high school, I played soccer and participated in the plays and musicals. Coastal Carolina University was my first college, where I studied musical theatre. I transferred to Towson University to finish my education in filmmaking. I'm still paying off the student loans but I'll never regret it. I'm a member of SAG-AFTRA and will be a member of the DGA. In addition to filmmaking, I'm honing my Russian language skills, perfecting the at-home tuna and avocado sushi roll, and planning my wedding. I believe that good directing requires more than fancy cameras and formal education: it also needs leadership skills, willingness to collaborate and flexibility, a solid understanding of both sides of the camera, trust and love. more...

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