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IT FOLLOWS was created to highlight the often unrecognized state of Vermont and the complex backstories that rural individuals live with, told through a "modern" country perspective. Growing up together, the two creators of the project felt the environment had a natural beauty most should bear witness to. However, though the area was visually serene, the creators simultaneously found themselves feeling distanced and away from "reality," - the real world. As such, this short film aims to emphasize these feelings of duality that exist in both humanity and nature itself.

New York, NY, USA
An upcoming director and writer with a love of exploring global cultures and the human experience through authentic storytelling. Growing up in a small Vermont town gave me ample time to explore many creative arts, providing me a valuable look into the everyday details that make life so intriguing and meaningful. Vast international experiences have also contributed to my sense of community and what it means to build a powerful team. I aim to inspire future audiences by focusing on culturally diverse and intriguing characters that challenge thought and humanity. I enjoy making intangible elements (entire cities, atmospheres, music...) characters in themselves and using distant settings as the backdrop for suspenseful yet beautiful stories. more...

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