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How Long Have We Been Doing This? is a mixed-media, experimental narrative set in a future world where humanity had to leave Earth due to human destruction. Centered around the saying "Too much of anything is never good", the film explores scenarios and environments on the uninhabitable Earth guided through cautionary visuals.

Roni Niu is a Writer, Director, and Animator from Taiwan. Roni’s screenplay and short films have received international awards and global distribution, and have premiered in London’s Rich Mix Cinema. As the inaugural cohort of the NFTS and Amazon Prime Video’s Craft Academy, Roni has experience working on productions from channels such as Amazon Prime, Disney +, BBC, and HBO. In 2023, he developed STOP with Emmy-nominated platform OTV as one of their 2023 Screenwriting Fellows, and received 1st Place in OTV and the Sundance Institute’s launch of “Pitch, Please!“, a pitch competition mobilizing diverse storytellers. more...

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