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I made Heart of Kimchi to honor my mom, as well as the relationship I have with my family: at once complex, sometimes confusing, but with so much love. At its core Heart of Kimchi is about beginning to see myself/yourself/ourselves as the fermented amalgamations of the people, land, and histories we come from. Maybe it takes a slightly ridiculous premise of lugging your heart jar around to realize that we carry our families with us. And like kimchi, this film is sour, spicy, raw—but the depths of a heart and the love poured into it revealed in moving images.

Hannah Tsai Kim is a Korean and Taiwanese American filmmaker from Orange County, CA, currently based out of Boston, MA. Their art is oriented towards the experience of spirit and the creation of magic in their family lineages, cultural histories, and community collaborations. Hannah's work often blends fiction and non-fiction, always with a sensitivity towards documenting relationships and intimacy, especially how human and non-human subjects assert agency under an oppressive state. They hope to direct alongside fellow collaborators and artists. more...

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