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This is a book trailer for my nonfiction book of the same title, Feathers of Hope, about Berkshire Bird Paradise, and why anyone would run a bird rehab center. I mean, really. Why? But Pete Dubacher felt his charge in the world was to care for birds. This book became the inspiration for a longer doc, titled ALL FOR THE BIRDS, which I co-produced and co-wrote along with Upstate Independent Filmmakers. It was also the cause of the follow-up nonfiction book SAVING EAGLE MITCH: One Good Deed in a Wicked World. These local rescue and rehab centers are an important part of how we stand for the planet and its creatures. What we do for our neighbors, whether human, feather, or furred, makes a difference.
I am author of 12 books of fiction and 2 books of nonfiction. My scripts have placed finalist in a few contests, and have been optioned. I continue to use my writing as a means of reaching out to show others what love looks like in action, small and large.

Barbara Chepaitis
I'm author of 12 published novels and 2 books of nonfiction. I've had scripts optioned, and written/produced a short documentary. I've also been a storyteller for many years, and director of the women's storytelling trio, The Snickering Witches. My interests are translating both my spoken and written word works into script.

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