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This film is meant to inspire our fellow trans boys and to give them the spotlight they deserve on the big screen. Seven is the character we wish we’d been able to see when we both started coming to terms with our identities and that’s why we chose him to tell this story.

The transmasculine experience is widely lacking in representation in media, which is why we wanted to highlight a story like Sevens. He is the character we wanted to see, played by a trans actor, in order to lift up other trans and queer actors and filmmakers in the process.

Throughout this film, we are able to witness all the hard work and trauma Seven has gone through to become the person we see now. Anti-trans movements are on the rise in the United States, the fight for non-discrimination protections around transgender issues is urgent, and why we need this story now more than ever.

Ayesha Fernandez is a filmmaker & photographer originally from Mexico City, and currently based in Los Angeles, California. Ayesha has had the opportunity to learn from many areas of the industry for around 7 years now and travel internationally around the world, giving them the sensibility and passion that you will see in their visual style. Ayesha started their creative journey as a fashion student at the Fashion Institute of Design in LA, where they invested their time into building a community and creating a magazine full of creative individuals. After graduating, they moved towards the film industry and focused on photography, music videos, production and direction work. Here is where Ayesha found themselves to feel mostly inspired which eventually led them back to school to get their BFA in Filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. With newfound confidence in their creative endeavors, Ayesha currently enjoys working with talented artists through collaboration and just finished their first short film titled Clocked. The film is looking, to show the queer community and younger generations that their stories are cherished and important and to give transmasculine actors more and more representation on the screen. more...

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