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There have been multiple killings in the Philippines for about 5 years now due to the drug war and now, there are a lot of individuals being red-tagged because of being against these killings. I combined the two in this short film to show that a lot of activists are being wrongfully victimized like how a lot from the less fortunate community are being killed by the police due to supposed use of drugs without undergoing proper judgement.

Jerilee Salvador is a Filipino actor, content creator, director, and producer. She was the producer for multiple music videos under Balcony Entertainment and Universal Records Philippines. She is the writer, director, and co-producer of Akusado, a short film, which has been a finalist in the Urban Vision Film Festival in Bologna, Italy, selected in the Lift-Off Global Network Film Festival in the United Kingdom, and screened at the Pinoy Indie Film Festival in the Philippines. more...

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