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A young woman with anorexia is deceptively seduced by whom she later finds out is death.

Jean Chapiro Uziel
Jean Chapiro is a Mexican filmmaker and journalist currently based in New York City. She won a Student Academy Award in 2023 for her short documentary “Hasta Encontrarlos” and was named a Pulitzer Center Post-Grad Reporting Fellow in 2022. Jean graduated from The University of Pennsylvania in 2021 with majors in Cinema Studies, Communication, and Visual Studies. She holds an M.S. in Documentary Journalism from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and she’s currently completing an MFA in Creative Producing. Through filmmaking, Jean seeks to bridge the gap between entertainment and journalism. Her work centers around subjects such as embodiment, memories, transgenerational trauma, and displacement. Jean believes that storytelling is at the core of human existence and has the power to cut across political, cultural, and geographical borders.

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