Tal Lazar

New York, New York, United States

Tal Lazar is a Cinematographer, Producer and Educator. He moved from Tel Aviv, Israel in 2007 to pursue an MFA in Cinematography at the American Film Institute Conservatory in Hollywood. Tal earned his BFA in Film & Television studies at Tel Aviv University, where he won the Sharet Foundation Award for Best Cinematography. In 2011 he became a faculty member at the American Film Institute Conservatory and a lecturer for Berklee College of Music’s BerkleeOnline. He is currently a faculty member at Columbia University School of the Arts and the City College of New York. Lazar completed his military service at the IDF with a sign of excellence in service bestowed on him by Israeli president Ezer Weizman in 2000. As a Cinematographer and Producer, Lazar has worked on numerous international box office successes, with Vietnam at the forefront. Domestically, Lazar’s projects have found homes in theatrical as well as online distribution. He is a partner & CEO of New York based production company MiLa Media and heads Quonder, a next generation online learning platform.