Seckeita Lewis

Cofounder, Writer/Director

Dallas, Texas, United States

I am a writer, director and filmmaker from the South Side of Chicago, now based in Texas. After years of developing stories for brands, I stepped away from Corporate Marketing to co-found Lewis Taylor Productions with my husband, Brandon Lewis, after the release of my first feature film Jerico.

100 follows a man as he is diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and challenged to lose 100 lbs to save his life. He finds unexpected support in a widowed fast food worker who helps him realize there's life outside of the greasy bag. The script is inspired by my husband's real life struggle and features him as the actor who will lose 100 lbs over the course of filming. The script has gone through multiple revisions over the past year, and we think we're close to final with a goal of production this year. 

We would love feedback on the script, characters and overall thoughts on this highly ambitious project. However one specific question for us has been the use of two mentors in the script. Does it overshadow Brandon's ownership of the transformation or provide a more complete foundation for his growth as intended? Thank you!! Written by Brandon and Seckeita Lewis.