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I am in development and raising funding for a narrative feature called 100, following a man on his journey to fight diabetes and change his life, while loosing 100 lbs. I created this promo/behind the scenes to tell the who/why/why now of the story since this is based on a true story and the actor, my husband will lose 100 lbs during the film for his own health journey.

However now I am considering turning it into a documentary. If I do expand, we would add expert interviews, etc to broaden it. I'd love feedback on this current form of the project on the effectiveness of the story. I'd also love thoughts on the most compelling portion of the story, the focus on Brandon's health journey or if I should add more about the timeline of the film as an added pressure on the weight loss journey in time to film his reveal scene. Thank you for your thoughts!

Dallas, TX, USA
I am a writer, director and filmmaker from the South Side of Chicago, now based in Texas. After years of developing stories for brands, I stepped away from Corporate Marketing to co-found Lewis Taylor Productions with my husband, Brandon Lewis, after the release of my first feature film "Jerico." more...

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