Kisha Imani Cameron

Film & TV Producer

For decades now, Kisha Imani Cameron has walked the walk as an accomplished content producer, studio executive, champion of talent, and most recently, an accredited professional executive coach.

While the diversity of her client base is extensive, she has especially become known for her work within the BIPOC creative community. Her producing deal with Focus Features led to the creation of the “Focus Features Africa First Short Film Program”, which ushered in a new generation of African filmmakers. She also passionately works as a speaker, career, and executive coach, for clients such as, The Sundance Institute, Chicken & Egg Pictures, Firelight Media, Refinery 29, Film Independent & Black Public Media, to name a few.

Her producing credits — which include the upcoming Mike Tyson documentary directed by Academy Award winner Geoffrey Fletcher, Spike Lee’s BAMBOOZLED and Raoul Peck’s SOMETIMES IN APRIL, and her extensive work in film development, namely with New Line Cinema and Walden Media — make her no stranger to the upper echelons of creative production, the challenges the BIPOC community face in the studio system, and the need for insiders such as herself to pass along the wisdom she has acquired over the years.

Kisha has most recently held posts as Head of Content for 4th Movement and as COO of Ghetto Film School, wanting to further impact the film community, as well as instigate positive change at the grassroots level with notable organizations.