Cameron Kostopoulos

Visual Storyteller

Los Angeles, California, United States

My name is Cameron Kostopoulos (Κωστόπουλος). I am an experimental filmmaker, new media creator, and visual storyteller. Currently, I am studying Film & Television Production at the University of Southern California, with a minor in Future Cinema. I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue my art. Much of my childhood experience can be seen in my work; I have always found film as a means of expression first, and self-meditation second. My works fall across a range of themes, genres, and mediums, though all attempt to address the uncertainty of the human experience. Moving forward, I hope to continue telling stories that explore this human experience. Whether through feature films, anthology series, or emerging media, I hope to challenge the way in which film is both created and perceived in the general social framework. I hope to challenge convention, to generate discourse, and to connect with audiences in an ever-changing media landscape.