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Raised in the American South, I was taught not to explore my sexuality, and was taunted for being too feminine. I was forced to go to church, where the pastor would drop the f-word and condemn homosexuality. I felt as though I was living life as a puppet, forced to move in a way that satisfied someone else, to behave in a manner dictated by a strict societal code, and to think in a way that aligned with the greater religious atmosphere of my hometown. In "Heartbeats", at the stroke of midnight, this puppet awakes.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
My name is Cameron Kostopoulos (Κωστόπουλος). I am an experimental filmmaker, new media creator, and visual storyteller. Currently, I am studying Film & Television Production at the University of Southern California, with a minor in Future Cinema. I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue my art. Much of my childhood experience can be seen in my work; I have always found film as a means of expression first, and self-meditation second. My works fall across a range of themes, genres, and mediums, though all attempt to address the uncertainty of the human experience. Moving forward, I hope to continue telling stories that explore this human experience. Whether through feature films, anthology series, or emerging media, I hope to challenge the way in which film is both created and perceived in the general social framework. I hope to challenge convention, to generate discourse, and to connect with audiences in an ever-changing media landscape. more...

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