Lesli Linka Glatter (HOMELAND) walks through the best practices that have shaped her prolific television directing career.
Key Insights

  • Being terrified before starting a project is natural - but allow yourself to sink into the story which will always be your guide
  • Come with a plan, but be open to the moosehead on the table (the opportunity that presents itself).
  • As a guest director, do your homework, know everything about the show and direct according the characters’ behavior and each scene’s story
  • During rehearsal and blocking, clear the set, have the actors read the scene, watch your actors’ performance before giving them your direction - they may give you something unexpected.
  • Blocking must be natural and based on human behavior - don’t force it.
  • Action is about story - blowing up a truck doesn't have meaning if it has no impact on your characters.
  • For action scenes, storyboard sequences, focusing on pieces connected to the overall flow of the scene.
  • Listen to and trust your instincts - repeatedly ignoring them will shut them down.
  • Directing is a team sport; get the best people involved, learn everyone's name, take in great ideas and make your choices.

Lesli Linka Glatter is a director of film, network, and premium cable television drama, with both pilots and episodes to her credit. more...

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