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The premise of this story was based on the ever-present racial tensions and events happening within the United States last year. I was inspired to create a short that encompasses and showcases the effects of racism on a young black person. My goal was to show how human and alike this young man was, but once he discovers a symbol of hatred and racism outside his door, his world is flipped upside down. This story is very important in today's world and serves as a reminder that there are still things to do, in order to achieve racial equality.

Atlanta, GA, USA
As a fan of cinema, including Marvel movies, Rico over the last few years, has had success with festivals: once as a short film winner, 2019 as a short script finalist and 2020 as a quarterfinalist at the TSL Screenplay contest. He is currently working on a time-loop, TV series with two fellow writers. His work generally focuses on drama and action, but has an interest in young adult stories. Rico's goal is to write features and series that mix drama, action and unique situations/settings. more...

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