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I created this film as my senior thesis project at Southeast Missouri State University. Living in a very conservative area at a time when more anti-LGBTQ+ bills were being passed than ever before was very terrifying. Therefore, it was very important to tell a queer love story. Untitled Self Portrait is about romantic love, platonic love/friendship, and most importantly self love. Also, it was very important to me to have proper representation with a fully queer cast. This includes a nonbinary lead actor, a gay AAPI love interest, and a bisexual female best friend.

(He/They) Jackson Bradshaw is a non-binary filmmaker and theatre artist based out of New York City. Originally from the quirky town of Normal, Illinois Jackson has a deep love of LGBTQ+ storytelling. Jackson received their BFA in acting and BS in TV/Film from the Dobbins Conservatory of Theatre and Dance at Southeast Missouri State University. more...

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