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Los Angeles, CA, USA
Nikolas Goodich is a native Angeleno writer and painter specializing in monoprinting, He has exhibited across the U.S. since 1990 including a 2015 showing in Berlin. He has also been a professional art prep/handler by day for the past 20 years, at galleries and museums in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington DC, Virginia, and San Francisco. In 2014, while battling substance abuse and homelessness, the Grammy Foundation sponsored Goodich into rehabilitation. He has lived a clean life since then, reasserting himself as a serious painter, focused on a consistent art/life practice. After earlier studies at RISD, BSMFA, and SAIC, he returned to school in 2019 to complete his BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University. Goodich paints on canvas and plexiglass, monoprinting from surface to surface, transferring images onto multiple interposed plexiglass panels. Printed on both sides and mounted onto canvas or wooden panel supports, this process often results in diptychs and polyptychs. The central motif in Goodich’s new body of work, Double Inverted Portraits, is the universal human visage rendered in profile, layering frottage and organic textures into juxtaposed and structured compositions. His print-painting process produces inexact copies of symbolically non-gendered portraits, with mirroring and asymmetry as core effects. more...

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