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On the brink of graduation, a Neuroscience student at an elite University, Carson Brown, struggles to confront her vehement desire to become an actor. During 48 hours of indecision and adrenaline, she makes a series of rash decisions that culminate in a shocking performance in a campus production of 'Romeo & Juliet.' Based on the true story of UC Berkeley grad turned writer/actor/director, Abby Tozer, this film is a love letter to anyone wanting to pursue their passions and a commentary on the intense competition of the pressures of the American University education system.

Abby is a UC Berkeley graduate in Neuroscience and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She is a full time actor, writer, creative producer and director, bringing her stories to life as a co-founder of A2C Entertainment. Abby hopes to continue to create projects that push the boundaries of independent filmmaking, blending the lines of art, science and the human experience. more...

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