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The Rattlin' Bog is a dark comedy about three friends who spend their time in a cabin drinking, singing Irish folk songs, and ultimately fighting. I believe it to be quite enjoyable to showcase foolish men in the presence of a woman. Where toxic masculinity and its fragility reveal comedic truths to how men behave in front of the opposite gender, even when the participants are platonic. I think the "peacock" technique men have been doing for far too long should be examined and laughed at (and humanized) in this today's age. Like the Irish drinking song entails, once a man's pride is hurt, it just becomes a snowball effect until the breaking point is finally reached.

I was born and raised in small town California near the Oregon border. A place where agriculture and farming was valued more than art. To be honest, fair enough. However, I set out for LA to attend University and have been down here ever since being a part of the hustle. I started mainly in music videos and small ads while I try to save up enough money to do a personal narrative project. And that has been my life and I couldn't be happier. I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and I am working in a field that I love even if it is not EXACTLY what I hope to be doing. I just hope my life allows me to do creative ventures, no matter the medium, because those certain ventures excite me and make me feel alive. more...

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